Destruction Amidst Competition, the catastrophe

Fire razes homes at Ormoc District 4

Some were having dinner while others were on the state of rest. Everyone seemed to be rejoicing our team’s triumph until all of a sudden, an obnoxious information had touched down the surface of our quarter. Brgy.Mabini is on fire! -that news had diminished the tranquility of our second night of stay in EVSU-Carigara campus.

The service of the Red Cross youth was raised to the highest parameter when some of our delegates were greatly affected by the disastrous news. RCY rendered their utmost help using their resourcefulness and training-acquired medical skills but still two of our fainted athletes remained unconscious. It lead to a decision of rushing them to the nearby hospital. Everyone else around can’t help but get carried away by the anxiety brought about by the deteriorating news. It all happened while half of our delegates were competing for the dance sports and hip-hop competition at the KanGara gym as we continue our unified desire: to give honor to our beloved campus.

It turned out that more than 52 houses and structure in Brgy. Mabini Ormoc City were rubbed out by an intensive fire during that August 10 conflagration in the evening.

The fire that was triggered by an unnoticed spark of an electrical wire lasted for more than three hours. “The fire couldn’t have been this devastating if only the responding fire trucks had sufficient water supply” -explained one of the fire victims. He remarked the Bureau of Fire Protection’s negligence in terminating the growth of the fire.

“I feel bad about it because it’s the worst disaster that could ever happen to anyone that’s why we need to improve our fire prevention program. I’ll be meeting the local government and the BFP next week.” – said Mr. Richard Gomez who personally reached out to  help. Foods, clothes and other basic necessities’ were among the relief goods that were distributed to over 70 affected families during his visit. The local government offered a relocation site but the fire victims preferred to just stay along with their few properties left unburned. EVSU-OCC handed out 350 packed meals that were supposed to be the athletes’ dinner last August 11, showing their willingness to extend any further help they could possibly contribute especially to our fellow EVSUans who were greatly affected by this tragedy.

– JGaspar

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