wisdom and knowledge towards greener pasture

   What comes into your mind when you hear the word wisdom? How about knowledge? Do you consider these terms synonymous and related to each other?
The answer to this questions perhaps lies in the fact that we have different level of comprehension as an individual. The mutual  arguments hidden in this matter had caught my wondrous attention. Therefore, this essential matter deserves a  write-up.
Most of us are highly concerned about our current situation which makes us go further, while others are merely depending on whatever life has to give. Majority are motivated enough in working towards the completion of their goals. There might be a lot of incapability in accomplishing them but I firmly believe that it only takes a sincere commitment and burning desire to deliver yourself to what we idiomatically call as the greener pasture, which basically means “better future.”
Poverty is not even a hindrance to consider, it has always been proven that it is possible to earn while you learn specially among determined ones. People who are strongly motivated towards personal progress will always seek ways to support themselves. Who said it takes power and wealth to prepare yourself for the long run? Some are even contented with merely passing their academic subjects, no wonder why several graduates are found jobless and unqualified for a professional job. Moreover, some students are going beyond the urge to graduate immediately. They ensure that they will acquire the essential knowledge and skills that will be necessary in the near future. I know a few people who have attained educational accomplishment but still they weren’t able to surpass someone who haven’t graduated yet through a fair manner in a job position: They were the one’s I meant earlier, settling in merely graduating regardless of what they have actually acquired during the process.
But what is that thin line that separates wisdom from knowledge? Wisdom is an in-born, self-acquired skill through experience, basically knowing what is right and what is wrong. On the other hand, knowledge is an educational attainment through indulging yourself in an academic structure that enhances mental capabilities.

    Whichever it is that you value most, it is more significant to know your winning recipe towards a greener pasture..

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