1,746 feet above sea level, often fogged and drizzled, the newest campsite in town has been our temporary shelter for days…

Assembled around the campfire area are campers who surrendered their innocence to the night. Seen from here are the distant night lights of the city-life we decided to leave momentarily. The lighting up of the firewood indicates the ignition of the supposed getting-to-know-you. It turned out to be deeper thou.

The evening is quiet except for the unheard narratives surfacing one by one. Each with different lines, but has the same tune. It’s like a sad song that everybody sings along.

Catching breathe, their voice tremble as they recall the most heartbreaking part of their lives. We comforted them as we feed the fire with logs – both gestures yell “please don’t die out just yet”. Break down if you have to, but keep the fire burning. Just keep it alive inside – we mutually told each other.

Stories came in like the wind of the night, slowly getting in to our emotional state. Yes, the night is cold, but the compassion is warm. The cold brought us together around the fire, chasing for its warmth and drawing us closer and closer into it as the night goes by.

We are moved by that camper who no longer have tears left after overcoming so much tragic… alone. “I know I am getting over that pain now since I am already able to share this without crying”, she told the surrounding campers who were the ones gasping in tears. But I was moved greatly upon learning that I am one of someone’s burning fire. To you, you are my strength too.

It was a moment when our masks rested for a while as we introduce our other persona. It helps to know that there’s nothing more to lose. Each already came out triumphant and fighting, and holding on despite sometimes dying.

It only takes an ignited conversation with that campfire between us to produce light and heat for our dark and cold hearts. To note, it was raining the entire afternoon. But surprisingly, tonight has a different setting: The rain-clouds are of no-show, the moon chases and guards us, the sky is as blue as the feelings of reckoned misfortune, while the stars are brilliant in making us feel that someone out there will always be there for us. Apparently cool, the universe sympathized with the young but restless souls.

Sometimes all you need are people who will listen and help you rekindle that light. At times our inner fire goes out, we will encounter people whose spark will rekindle our inner spirit. Let’s be thankful for those who have lighted the fire within us.

Keep that light, no matter how little it is, just keep it burning, and hold on to that. Nothing can stop a human soul on fire. Just as we survived the coldest night because of that fire between us, we shall survive the toughest days because of the fire inside us.

Some moments feel like forever. Campfire is out and the camp is up, but the fire it gave us shall be burning in our hearts until the moment we decided to stop burning up.

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